Introducing the Rivirall Finance Affiliate Program

Here's how it works

Register as an Affiliate: To participate in our affiliate program, you need to register as an affiliate and then order the Basic Plan of €37,- on our platform to activate your account. This initial investment gives you access to various benefits and the opportunity to earn lucrative referral commissions.

Direct Referrals: As an affiliate, you can directly refer up to a maximum of 3 individuals. These are your direct referrals, and when they join our platform, you will earn a referral commission based on their downline. If you get more than 3 sign-ups they will flow into your referrals downline called the “spillover”.

Levels of Referrals: Our referral program extends beyond direct referrals. We have created a multi-level structure that allows you to earn commissions from referrals made by your direct referrals, up to a maximum of 7 levels.

Here’s how the commissions are distributed across the levels:

Level 1: You start with €1,- per referral for your 3 direct referrals.
Level 2: You earn €10,- per referral made by your 3 level 1 referrals. Which becomes a total of 9 people on level 2.
Level 3: You earn €5,- per referral made by your 9 level 2 referrals. Which becomes a total of 27 people on level 3.
Level 4: You earn €4,- per referral made by your 27 level 3 referrals. Which becomes a total of 81 people on level 4.
Level 5: You earn €4,- per referral made by your 81 level 4 referrals. Which becomes a total of 243 people on level 5.
Level 6: You earn €4,- per referral made by your 243 level 5 referrals. Which becomes a total of 729 people on level 6.
Level 7: You earn €4,- per referral made by your 729 level 6 referrals. Which becomes a total of 2187 people on level 7.1

A total of 3279 people can be in your downline to earn approx. €13.188,- per month (if all referrals keep their membership)

Remember, the commissions are calculated based on the investments made by your referrals and their subsequent referrals up to the 7th level.

Please note that this matrix is designed to reward active members who actively refer new members to our platform. The more referrals you make, and the more engaged your referrals are, the higher your earning potential becomes.

Start leveraging the power of our referral program today and unlock unlimited earning possibilities. Join us and be part of a thriving community of successful members!

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. We are here to help you succeed!

Become a Member and Start Earning!

How to get started?

Follow these 4 simple steps to start your journey towards financial growth

1. Register your Account

After registering order a Basic Account to pay the investment of €37,-. Make sure to check your spam folder for confirmation emails! Already have an account? login here

2. Share Your Unique Link

Once registered as an affiliate you will be able to explore your Dashboard. Now the question will be "Who do you feel deserves to have a passive online income?" Whatsapp, Telegram, e-mail or tweet, to your family and friends to sign up through your link

3. Confirm Your Team

Make sure your team signs up with your unique link so you have your 3 direct team members who you can start earning with! Grow up to 3279 users!

4. Start Earning

Log in to your dashboard and track your successful referrals. The more referrals you have the more levels you can reach and earn more!​